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The Bowesville Site

The Bowesville site is located between Armstrong, Bowesville and High roads, just south-east of the main airport runway.

This land is considered a wetland, and is located on Federal Government lands, which should be protected under the Federal Government Policy on Wetland Conservation.

No net loss of wetlands should occur on Federal Government lands.

The EA did not fully examine the impact on the natural environment for this site, which supports many bird habitats including the Bluebird Trail (See Ottawa Citizen article)

This site is also very close to the Leitrim Wetland Complex which is very sensitive to changes in the water table. Please see Albert Dugal's (botanist and wetland expert) field study (Bowesville_Albert.pdf) and Leitrim Wetlands article (pdf).

Dr. Frederick Schueler offers peer review of Wetland claims (Bowesville_Fred.pdf).