Current Projects
  - Turtle tally of nesting females.
  - Working with Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments to protect Ottawa's Urban Turtles
  - Working with children to understand the Blanding's Turtle and their Habitat, Nesting habitat


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Mayor - Larry.OBrien@ottawa.ca

Planning and Environment - (the committee responsible for the protection of Species at Risk)
Chair Councillor Hume : Peter.Hume@ottawa.ca
Vice-Chair Councillor Feltmate : Peggy.Feltmate@ottawa.ca
Councillor Monette : Bob.Monette@ottawa.ca
Councillor Harder : Jan.Harder@ottawa.ca
Councillor Qadri : Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca
Councillor Hunter : Gord.Hunter@ottawa.ca
Councillor Bellemare : Michel.Bellemare@ottawa.ca
Councillor Holmes : Diane.Holmes@ottawa.ca
Councillor Desroches : Steve.Desroches@ottawa.ca
Councillor Doucet : Clive.Doucet@ottawa.ca

Transit Committee (the committee created to re-evaluate the LRT alignment)
Chair Councillor Cullen : Alex.Cullen@ottawa.ca
Vice-Chair Councillor Wilkinson : Marianne.Wilkinson@ottawa.ca
Councillor Bloess : Rainer.Bloess@ottawa.ca
Councillor Bédard : Georges.Bedard@ottawa.ca
Councillor Legendre : Jacques.Legendre@ottawa.ca
Councillor Leadman : Christine.Leadman@ottawa.ca
Councillor McRae : Maria.Mcrae@ottawa.ca
Councillor Doucet : Clive.Doucet@ottawa.ca
Councillor Thompson: Doug.Thompson@ottawa.ca

City of Ottawa Website - Full Contact Info for your councillors.